The final stage of our application process is the Assessment Centre, where we have the opportunity to assess you in a variety of different exercises and you get to learn more about our business. Preparation is key but it is also important that you are yourself and show us who you really are!


Step 1. Preparation

It doesn’t matter how many interviews or assessment centres you have attended, it is still so important that you prepare beforehand! Research our business, familiarise yourself with the programme you have applied for and be ready to talk confidently about this on the day! Think about some questions you would like to ask the people you will meet, and if you are worried you will forget them on the day, write them down and bring them with you.

Step 2. Domestics

Right to Work Documentation – Please remember to bring this with you. You may bring either a passport or full birth certificate AND proof of National Insurance i.e NI Card, P45, P60 AND Driving Licence Dress Code – First impressions count! Smart business dress is required.

Journey – You will receive in advance full details of the assessment centre including location and any other relevant information. Make sure you are familiar with the location and have planned your journey in advance. If possible, do a ‘practice run’ beforehand, if this is not possible allow yourself enough time to get there ahead of schedule and check in advance for any possible delays.

Communication – Once you have confirmed you will be attending the assessment centre please make sure that you turn up! A lot of time is spent organising the assessments and our events are often oversubscribed or have a waiting list. If for any reason you are no longer able to attend please give as much notice as possible and avoid leaving it until the last minute. You will be given names and contact details for the organiser of the event and a contact on the day so if for any reason you are delayed, lost or are no longer able to attend make sure you contact them.  

Step 3. The Day!

You will receive details of the assessment centre beforehand and will be notified in advance of anything that you may need to prepare for.

Most important is for you to be yourself! Try and relax and enjoy the day as much as you possibly can. This is your opportunity to show us your passion and enthusiasm, for you to let us know why you want to work for us!! Within the assessment centre, you will work in group sessions but you will also have time one on one with our employees. Use this time to find out as much as you can and do not be afraid to ask questions!  

Step 4. Outcome

At the end of the assessment centre you will be given guidance of when you should expect to hear from us with an outcome. If you have been successful, we will then be in touch with you to begin the on boarding process.

If you are unsuccessful, we are happy to provide formal feedback. We would suggest that you request this within 10 days of receiving communication from us. Remember – this is a two way process and just because the skills that you have demonstrated during the day at DHL do not match our requirements, it does not mean that these are not suitable for another organization. Asking for feedback will help you prepare for other employers.


Be enthusiastic, interested and inquisitive throughout the whole day and not just at the beginning


Ask our current graduates supporting on the day questions around their experiences, advice and recommendations


Make the most of the networking sessions with our senior business representatives and assessors – they will be able to give you a deeper insight in to some of our business sectors and the type of work that we do


Come prepared – your appropriate documents, smart dress code and positive mind-set are essential!


Don’t panic if you have not experienced an assessment centre before – you will not be the only one. Be honest and act as you would in any professional environment – your passion for wanting to join one of our programmes should come out during the day


Don’t be bitter if you are unsuccessful this time round – we understand that you may be disappointed. You will be encouraged to apply for the programme again in the future should you wish to do so – we value candidates who have not been successful and then apply the following year having prepared more thoroughly


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