Chris Adams

General Manager, Supply Chain Solutions
Attended Sheffield Hallam University and joined the Supply Chain & Logistics Graduate Programme in 2007

Why did you choose the DHL Graduate Programme?

My degree was in Business Studies, specialising in operations management and so operations was always something I had a passion for when I was younger. Being able to apply what I learnt at university into my everyday work was a real driver to apply for the DHL Graduate Programme.

What was your favourite experience or memory during the Graduate Programme?

Whilst I enjoyed all 3 of my placements, I learnt a lot about myself whilst on placement within a frozen foods warehouse. Not only was it a tough working environment (cold!!) it was a national distribution centre so the operation was intense and this was my first real insight into a 24/7, 365 day warehouse.

How has being a part of the DHL Graduate Programme helped you accomplish what you have with your career?

The programme gave me such a great foundation to work across a number of operations, in different sectors, but most importantly allowed me to network so effectively across our business. Networking is absolutely key from a personal development and career perspective, and the programme really does support graduates through this forum of learning.

What is your current role in DHL?

I have recently moved into a new role as a General Manager. We have a great team that have seen the contract we are working on go from strength to strength during its 8 years in DHL Supply Chain. We cover 17 workshops across the contract, but ultimately deliver ordered product to prisoners across the UK’s prison network. Prior to this I spent 7 years working on our airline catering accounts in Passenger Gateway.

What type of person do you think is the right fit for DHL?

The great thing about our business is that everyone is different, that is what makes us the best. However, to grow your career in our business you will need to be hardworking, flexible and willing to listen.

What advice would you give to our future graduates?

Always ensure you get a firm operational grounding and understanding. This has been pivotal to my career progression in recent years, and I have no doubt will continue to be so.


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