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Our climate protection goals are in keeping with our Shared Value approach. As early as 2008 we became the first major logistics company to make a voluntary commitment to improving our carbon efficiency by 30% over the 2007 baseline by the year 2020. In our effort to reach this target, our environmental protection programme GoGreen developed measures to improve the carbon efficiency of our air and road transport operations as well as that of our buildings and facilities. We achieved this goal in 2016, well ahead of schedule.

Our environmental protection programme GoGreen is our way of ensuring a sustainable future for our planet. By the year 2050, we want to reduce our logistics-related emissions generated by our business to zero.

GoGreen Programme

Our environmental protection programme GoGreen has set ambitious environmental targets. Given that we want to reduce our logistics-related greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions to zero by the year 2050, and achieve several ambitious interim goals by 2025, the programme focuses first and foremost on emissions reduction measures. Our approach here is guided by two core principles: first, Burn Less, which is about reducing energy consumption, and second Burn Clean, which involves the use of alternative energy sources and fuels.

GoGreen Action Areas
There are many ways to improve energy efficiency in logistics chains. Savings potential can be found in all parts of the supply chain and there are ways to minimize emissions regardless of their source. This applies to our road, ocean and air transport as well as to warehousing in logistics centers. Major efficiency gains can also be achieved by optimizing our logistics networks. Our main focus, of course, is on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In addition to this, we implement measures to minimize all other environmental impacts of our business activity. Our 4 main action areas are: fleet optimization, optimizing facilities, network optimization, and other environmental impacts.

To find out more about our GoGreen programme please visit DHLs Environment and Solutions page.



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