DHL is approaching a point in time where robots are going to become essential in the world of logistics. Robotics technology may soon be picking, packing, and moving goods in the logistics environment. Clemens Beckmann, Executive Vice President Innovation, said: "Just like our children can't picture a world without computers, it is likely that their children will feel the same way about robots. Developing the next generation of robots that can work around and among people will take a substantial investment to advance the technology but at DHL we believe that soon supply chains will see humans and robots working side by side to handle goods faster and more economically." The speed of technological progress is increasing rapidly with new advancements and breakthroughs occurring almost daily. The outlook for robotics is very exciting and the world of logistics will benefit from the coming developments in robotic technology.



The DHL Parcelcopter is intended primarily for situations that mesh poorly with established infrastructures or where standard delivery methods are overly lengthy. Locations not linked to the standard road network are one example. "Natural barriers" such as water or mountains are not an issue for the drone. The DHL Parcelcopter is thus seen as a tool for improving infrastructure in hard-to-reach areas, improving the lives of the inhabitants there.




“The picking cart follows the picker through the rack system. Once it reaches full capacity, the picker simply sends it to the designated drop-off location, while another picking cart joins. This solution makes moving from single to multi-order picking a more efficient and ergonomic process”, explains Michael Artinger, Site Manager DHL Supply Chain.



The Sawyer robot is one of the most advanced robots on the market, and it is intended on being used in a variety of packaging and inventory tasks that will allow DHL to use its employees for higher value work. “By deploying these robots to work in tandem with humans, we can ensure our production lines are adjusting to changes and running more efficiently year-round” says Adrian Kumar, Vice President of Solutions Design North America at DHL Supply Chain. 

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