Richard Baldwin-Hay

Richard Baldwin-Hay attended Derby University and joined the DHL graduate programme in 1990. He is currently a Project Delivery Director for the Retail Division in UK & Ireland.

Why did you choose the DHL Graduate Programme?

It was the best out there by a country mile in 1990.

What was your favourite experience / memory during the graduate programme?

My first ever job was at the Scunthorpe BRS site where I had to count the number of flat bed trailers on the steel works “prairie”. I counted 116 – this was 10 more than they were convinced they ever had and so they did not believe me. So I was sent to count again – spookily 116 trailers it was!

My most valuable experiences were the placements where I was given real responsibility, with the opportunity to add value.  I made lots of mistakes, but I learned lots too.

What makes the DHL graduate programme unique?

We attract a really diverse set of graduates, you can count the logistics degrees on one hand. I am not aware of other schemes that can offer the breadth of experiences we can.

How has being a part of the DHL graduate programme helped you accomplish what you have with your career?

Being a DHL graduate has it’s greatest impact on your career in the first two years, you receive great training and are put into great learning situations. After that, it is up to you to take control of your own career and development!

What is an average day for you in your current role?

My current role is Project Delivery Director for the Retail Division in the UK&I. I’m lucky because I think I have one of the best roles in the company: No day has ever been the same in my current role – I find it rewarding, however it can also be pressured and at times stressful.

What advice would you give to future graduates in the DHL programme?

Make the most of your graduate scheme – don’t pass on any opportunities that come your way. Be positive through the tough times, and always challenge the status quo.

What type of person do you think is the right fit for DHL?

We can teach people processes all day long - our business if full of process, but I hope we recruit for a talent in people skills, as it’s people who deliver everything we do.


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