Rob Jeffrey

Rob Jeffrey attended Lincoln University and joined the Supply Chain & Logistics programme in 2009. He is currently Head of Business Development for UK Technology Sector.

Why did you choose the DHL Graduate Programme?

DHL is a large organisation which is one of the most recognised brands globally. The graduate programme was well respected and the variety and opportunity available is almost unparalleled. I think that I made a great choice!!

What was your favourite experience/memory during the Graduate Programme?

The standout moment was welly-wanging with the other graduates. It was a fantastic opportunity to get to know my peers and socialise, and also get an insight into the placements that the other graduates had been on – a flavour of what was to come.

What makes the DHL graduate programme unique?

One thing that makes the programme unique is the opportunity to get recognition at a very early stage in your career from senior DHL management. Also, you develop a unique friendship with other graduates which gives you a great network and support system when starting your career. I benefit every day from the graduates that I got to know (both in my intake and from those above and below my year). I have hired graduates, and been hired by graduates – so make sure you keep your network alive!

How has being a part of the DHL Graduate Programme helped you accomplish what you have with your career?

It gave me the opportunity to move into a role in which I could have a significant positive impact on the trading performance of the business unit that I was in. I was empowered to make a real difference – I worked hard and was lucky, so I got recognised and was offered further opportunity.

What is your average day  at DHL?

There is no average day, and that is what I love about working in Business Development; I may be with a senior customer representative in their central London offices one day & on the shop floor talking with our operatives the next to understand operational processes.

What type of person do you think is the right fit for DHL?

DHL is a diverse, global organisation with thousands of different roles requiring varied skill sets, personalities and specialisations. I don’t think that there is a ‘right type of person’ – its more about finding the job that you enjoy doing and that compliments your skills as an individual.

Be prepared to try a variety of positions to find the right fit – you are not going to enjoy everything so persevere and you will be rewarded.

What advice would you give to future graduates in the DHL programme?

First and foremost, respect others and stay humble. Don’t be afraid to ask, be prepared to try new things and be prepared to fail. Exercise persistence and work hard.

I have spoken with many graduates who want a role in Business Development, but I would always advise spending time in operations – I wish that I had more operational experience earlier in my career. It’s hard to move across later on.

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