We possess an active, open corporate culture which helps us attract and retain highly talented people. We aim to become Employer of Choice in our sector.

Our Employer Value Proposition (EVP) was established in 2010 and defines our employer brand identity.


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Our EVP consists of 3 key elements:


1. Growth: We give our employees a diverse range of opportunities to develop professionally and personally.
 2. Impact: We empower our employees to contribute their ideas and skills and influence the success of the company.
3. Pride: We give our employees the opportunity to be a part of an organization that makes a contribution to society as well as to the world of logistics.   

DHL graduates are given real responsibility and challenges to encourage them to grow, both personally and professionally. They are empowered to take the initiative, actively get involved in different teams and achieving high impact results that really make a difference to our business and customers. 

Our graduates are proud to be part of a diverse team and contribute to society through completing community projects.


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